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Industrial purpose

Industrial purpose

Sludge cleaner
Sludge cleaner for cleaning grinding/cutting oil tank

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How do you clean grinding/cutting oil tank?
Odor of the accumulated fine chips and decomposed grinding/cutting oil sludge without changing cutting oil
Solutions to each cleaning!

 It can be used for both water-soluble and non-water-soluble cutting oils, 

such as machining centers, CNC lathe, gear processing machines and grinding machines


■ Functions of the sediment and sludge cleaner for the grinding/cutting oil tank  

1. Eliminates chips, sludge, foreign substances, waste oil, etc. which are sedimented and suspended in grinding/cutting oil tank (purification)

2. It can be used for both water-soluble and non-water-soluble cutting oils  

3. It is possible to clean the tank without changing cutting oil and stopping the operation of machine tool 

4. Body contact with cutting oil can be minimized during cleaning work  

5. The odor caused by the decomposed grinding/cutting oil can be prevented by cleaning the tank on a continuous basis

6. The precision of grinding/cutting work can be maintained by eliminating the foreign substances in grinding/cutting oil 

7. Reduced waste disposal cost and cutting oil replacement cost 

8. Improvement of worker’s safety and health and working environment  






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Cutting oil circulation pump (medium)